Some interesting safety reading from TFL

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Some interesting safety reading from TFL Empty Some interesting safety reading from TFL

Post  Tony on Wed Aug 05, 2015 4:52 am

Just saw this and thought it was pretty good:

With many of those deciding to ride to work not necessarily regular urban cyclists, the London Cycling Campaign has issued five tips, published in the Independent, for those who are thinking of pounding the pedals.

look up a quiet cycle route avoiding main roads and junctions by using the London Cycling Campaigns’ Route Planner. Often, these quiet routes can be quicker as there’s no big junctions or traffic lights to slow you down.
Be extra careful near large lorries and avoid positioning yourself in a driver’s blind spot. Read advice for safer cycling around lorries.
Be an assertive cyclist. You have the same right to use the streets as other road users. It’s safer to ride at least a metre from the kerb or parked cars so you can avoid opening car doors, plus you’re more visible to other road users, such as those pulling out from side roads or approaching from behind. (But, if you feel like you’re being hassled by drivers, just let them pass until you’re confident holding your position.)
Be law-abiding and considerate. Slow down and give pedestrians lots of space on shared paths, where they always have priority.
Make sure you lock your bike securely at your destination so it’s still there when you want to ride home! Read the LCC guide, here.


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