wnbr June 2011

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wnbr June 2011

Post  Ian on Fri Jun 25, 2010 12:45 am

Hi, all...

I know its a long way ahead, but planning starts

The very successful Southampton Naked Bike Ride held every
June, is also going to happen in Portsmouth (if we have
anything to do with it!).

This is about drawing attention to oils dependancy,
promoting cycling, and "green issues".... it is a FUN event.

Please see



Next years event is likely to be on 10 June, in the middle
of the day, with optional Naked Ride to the Southapton event afterwards (across the Gosport Ferry!)

Offers of interest are invited, please; also any advice, help, comments, etc that you can
offer would be gratefully recieved - especially anything
about "Dealing with Officialdom" !

Please email me at idh@henden.co.uk ( we will be getting a wnbr Portsmouth address soon)




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Re: wnbr June 2011

Post  moderatr on Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:29 am

Dear Ian,

firstly congratualtions on a qualla website>> the 1980's webstyling is particularly retro although the accompanying music almost blew up my speakers. however i do love buses.

having viewed the wnbr website (a snorting coffee out of my nose all over the table) i have to say that realistically team axiom members are too beautiful to join the ropey bunch of half-painted hippies that ride ramshackle machines through the streets of various cicies around the world. Have you seen our bikes? not only would we seriously outclass everyone else we would stand out like the amezzihn' cyclists we are thus getting serious TV airtime and as we all hold down respectable jobs this is just not going to happen. Best of luck though.

moderator man

p.s. Does one still use chamios creme despite the lack of a chamois? just curious like...


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