a3crg 10 Sat 11th Sept P881r

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a3crg 10 Sat 11th Sept P881r

Post  Tony on Fri Sep 10, 2010 10:18 am

Ok have we all got our start sheets Question
Do we all know what we need to do Question

1st man off at 16:01 bounce

Tim 16:23 = No23
Tel 16:38 = No 38
Me 17:06 = No 66
Helly 17:12 = No 72
Sarah 17:15 = No 75
Angie 17:24 = No 84
Ghandi 17:26 = No 86
Chris 17:39 = No 99

There is a full field of 120 riders affraid , so possibly the biggest event most of you have taken part in, remember to enjoy it lol!

Back lights are required for this event so don't forget Evil or Very Mad No light No ride Sad I think its a good idea to leave one permanently attached to our race bikes sunny

HQ is the Bohunt school at Liphook which will be signed Arrow

Try and be at the HQ an hour before your start time, giving enough time to prepare and warm up Sleep

There are alot of good prizes up for grabs which will be awarded after the race so try and stay on if poss I love you

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