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Training rides

Post  Tony on Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:24 pm

Need miles over the winter - lots of em

Been thinking again, about a midweek training ride, we used to meet up at Havant and ride out to Bosham, hard as you like, no waiting for stragglers, if you drop off the back then when you see our lights returnng, you turn and try and get on the back of the group. Thursday would be good for me, as I also want to do the Mountbatten track training on a wednesday.

Let me know what you think? maybe set off from Havant at say 19:30 that lets most of us warm up on way to havant, even you Tim!

It doesn't have to be out to Bosham, if anyone has other ideas then let me know but I think it needs to be on lit roads.

Best Tony

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