Tour De France, July 6-7 Near St Malo!

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Tour De France, July 6-7 Near St Malo!

Post  the Yank on Mon Jan 31, 2011 6:34 am

Hi guys n gals,
A TDF stage is starting in Dinan near St Malo on the 7th of July.

Option 1: See start of the Dinan to Lisieux stage on 7 Jul Thur;
Depart on From Portsmouth Wed 6 June 20:15 (arrive Thur 09:00) via Brittany Feries
(£80pp based on 2 sharing a cabin, 2 bikes, rtn).

Crash that night: Louvre Hotel (Campaniel St Malo- St Jouan Des Guerets)
(£35pp based on shared room)
Return 8 jul (Fri) 11:30 arrive 18:45

Option 2: See the end of 6 Jul stage (Cap Frehel), start of 7 Jul Dinan stage and perhaps stay over the weekend. Car w/roof rack (£181pp based on 3)
Depart Tue 5 June, return on Sunday, wrecked and sunburnt to a crisp...

let me know via my main means of communication:


the Yank

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