Course for our TT next Sat 26th Feb P823r

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Course for our TT next Sat 26th Feb P823r

Post  Tony on Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:58 am

Hi Guys

Good clubrun today even with the rain on the way out to the library. Luckily though it stopped raining just after we set off so it was just the puddles to worry about!

The course for next Saturday looks good. As you're aware we've had to alter it slightly to avoid Hambledon as the development is still ongoing there and the road won't be freed up by then. Possibly next year?

It's got a couple of the usual potholes/sunken drain covers but a lot of the old worn road surfaces have been replaced and on the whole, a good alternative for the first TT of the season and comes in at 14/14.5 miles. Well done to everyone who turned up this morning despite the weather as it is important for us all to get to know the course before the event. I think Chris went wrong on this one last time!

As for next week we'd obviously like to see as many people racing the event. However it is "all hands on deck" and we also need as many people as possible to help sign, marshall, push off, results, kitchen etc etc.

There will also be last year's PTTL prize presentation following on from our club event - estimated time was 4.30pm (although this may be sooner depending on time). As the presentation didn't go ahead at the end of last year as normal, it was felt fitting to have the prize giving at the former PTTL event where we hope we will get a good turnout of local riders in any event, and also given we are still hiring the hall.

Cheers Tx & Sx

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Re: Course for our TT next Sat 26th Feb P823r

Post  Angie on Sat Feb 19, 2011 11:24 am

Hi Tony

Couldn't do club run this morning as I was called to cover some classes. Don't know if I will race on Sat, plan to pay Graham my subs though so I can race at any given opportunity. Not wanting any sympathy, (what ever makes me think you lot would be sympathetic) but I have now taught 21 days on the trot 27 by the time Sat comes so a 14 mile TT might not be wise. I will however come along and help out. They do have matching crockery don't they? You know what I'm like with matching crockery!

A x

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