Majorca - Update and Information.....

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Majorca - Update and Information.....

Post  Sarah on Sun Mar 27, 2011 5:42 am

Hi Guys

A number of you were asking for timings and details for Majorca. Unfortunately I've not been able to get this out sooner - as most of you are aware despite confirming my booking with our usual Taxi contact they pulled out on us. Pete's Airlink will do it in 2 minibuses and trailers but of course it's double the price and then some as they are more expensive than the other company in the first place. I suppose the only plus side is that we won't be as squashed as in previous years!!

With that and the cost of the flights being more expensive generally my usual budget of trying to get within £300 has, rather frustratingly, gone out the window. The average cost per person is about £350 and hopefully that's ok with everyone.

As I've only just been able to finalise costs this week, I will need extra from everyone as follows:

Tel £23
Mike £24
Angie £52
Tim £37
Helly £17
Graham £26
Chris £28
Graeme £160
Luke £22
Claire £32
Andy (SDV) £41
HTT £36

I think most of you have got my bank details so if you can make a transfer that would be great, if not cash or cheque will be fine.


I have used the paperwork I had last year for you in respect of passports. However I can't find details for Chris and Andy. Mike, I've got yours but it expired in December. Can you let me have a copy of your up to date passport. Please either email me a copy or bring it along to the pub tomorrow. I NEED TO ENTER DETAILS OF YOUR PASSPORTS TO MONARCH BEFORE WE FLY.

If anyone else has changed their passports since last year (which I doubt as they don't expire yet) then please also let me have your new passport details.


We're flying with Monarch this year. Please note that there is a limit of 20k for your hold luggage AND 20kg for your bike/bag or box. Your bike has usually been able to go at 32kg but even Easyjet have apparently reduced the weight to 20kg too. You may therefore not be able to pack as much in your bike bag/box as you have done previously.

You can also take 1 hand luggage onto the plane with you. The dimensions of your bag must be no bigger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm and weigh no more than 5kg.

Flight from Gatwick to Palma is at 8:30am. Check in is 2 hours before.
We return to Gatwick at 1.35pm so should be home at 3.30pm Chichester, 4pm Fareham (approx).

I have not booked anyone any meals on the flight. I imagine that most of you are looking forward to breakfast at wetherspoons at the airport but if you fancy a bite on the plane either going out and/or coming back I can still book it this week at £7 per meal - please let me know.


We will be picked up from Fareham at 4am. It is likely to take about 1/2 hour to get to Tim's so pick up from Chichester will be 4.30am. PLEASE DO NOT BE LATE. I hate panicking about this when people don't turn up when expected - aim to be at your pick up point by either 3.30am to Fareham or by 4am at Chichester.

For those of you at the Fareham pick up point you're all welcome to come around Friday evening and if anyone wishes to get 40winks Sleep we have beds and sofas available.

I imagine that the following will want to be picked up from Fareham and Chichester as follows:


Tony, Sarah, G1, G2, Luke, Claire, Helly, Angie, Chris & Mike


Tim, Tel, HTT and Andy

Can the Chichester guys please meet at the end of Tim's road as turning around will be more difficult this year.

If any of the Pompey residents would prefer to be picked up from Chichester please let me know so that I know who's going where. I understand that there may be some parking available in a neighbour's drive as they are away on holiday. I will speak to the Working Men's Club here to see if we can use their car park like we were going to last year.


May I suggest that the Fareham guys, where possible, pack and drop off your bike to us during the week and then get together with others to limit the number of cars coming over on the Friday evening? You can then do the reverse when you come back as we will sell your bike on eBay, I mean hold onto your bike until you come and pick it up.

PLEASE PACK YOUR BIKES SOONER RATHER THAN LATER - a number of you had problems getting your seat post out last year - if your seat post doesn't come out it will need to be man-handled out which normally means you'll need a new seat post so you'll need sufficient time to get a replacement. Similarly with pedals that haven't been taken off the bike recently.


Helly is borrowing Tony's spare bag. Other riders in the club who have bags that aren't going to Majorca are Andy, Jon and Gav so if you don't have it sorted you'll need to pdq!!


As usual Luke and Tony will get together to take some tools to take. We don't need to double up and take extra weight we don't need so unless you have any particular special tools, only take what you need in your saddle bag.

We only really need to take 1 track pump. As we're taking the tools does anyone have a decent one they're happy to take? Or space in their luggage to take our track pump?

I think that's about it for now - need to have a nice walk in the sunny weather!

If you need any other info that I've forgotten just ask sunny


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Re: Majorca - Update and Information.....

Post  Angie on Sun Mar 27, 2011 8:36 am

Wow!!! Thanks Sarah Smile

Off to pack the bike now. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan eh!!

I've marked the seat post with a Stanley knife, sawn the chain in half to get that off, anything else?

May be able to get my pump in, it's quite light (as most are) and I think it's ok quality wise. We can finalise tomorrow.

We're all going on a summer (Easter) holiday, no more working for a week or two, fun and laughter on a summer (Easter) holiday.....................................


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bike weighing

Post  luke-m on Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:00 am

if you have a nintendo Wii balance board you can use it to weight your kit.

1. create a new mii character
2. step on (just yourself).
3. step off and do new weigh in with you and luggage.
4. wait for Wii to berrate you for rapid weigt gain Laughing

all this is safe. claire and i checked the balance borad limit and it's 150kg or 23st 8 Shocked



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Trip data as requested

Post  Da yank on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:53 pm

Thanks for all the hard work Sarah. You are too good for us all! I vote for a blue bottle of LicquordeMouthwasha- for all. ha ha

I have changed my name, again, cat and will be flying under the followin;
Michael Steven Goodwin
USA Passport id; 217396091 issued on 11 April 2006/ expires 10 Apr 2016 by the US Dept Of State
06 may 65 Oxnard California
Funds xfered.

Da yank

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Re: Majorca - Update and Information.....

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