Mont Ventoux travel details

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Mont Ventoux travel details

Post  Angie on Sat May 21, 2011 12:32 pm

Hello Campers

I can't believe we are doing Ventoux this weekend affraid Exclamation

I'm assuming that you lot won't read this until Monday so technically it will be this weekend by then.

Anyway, arrangements are as follows

All bikes and bags to be at Tony's by Wed as he / Tel will be loading the van, (the white sprinter one that will take the bikes and bags), Thursday.

The first pick up point will be my house. I will be leaving with the Venga Bus at 4.45. You are welcome to leave your cars here but they will be parked on the road.
The next pick up will be Tony's at 5.00. Cars can be left at the working mens club TBC
The final pick up will be Langstone Technology Park (Xyratex) in Havant, Langstone Road where the Ship pub is. You can leave cars in the car park but please park in the furthest bays away from the main building. Let me know your car reg so I can let the security team know.

Remember to take your passport, travel insurance and European insurance card with you and all your cycling gear as the weather can change dramatically on the umm hill!!
Warm gear for the descends and for the Venga bus. You will also need to take towels I believe as they are not included with the Gites.

I think that's all. I do need to know who is going to picked up from where so that I don't drive off without you. Right then where's that Neil Sedaka CD? I've got Abba, Boney M, Everley Brothers............See you all Monday.

A x

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Re: Mont Ventoux travel details

Post  telfleet on Sat May 21, 2011 11:21 pm

Nice won Angie, I'll probably see you Monday night.
I can't beleive it either is this weekend. I already chin strapped. I need an office job.
I must be my age!


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Re: Mont Ventoux travel details

Post  da yank on Sun May 22, 2011 2:55 am

Thanks for the hard setting up/ coordination work!!!! I will meet at Tonys at 5am

da yank

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Re: Mont Ventoux travel details

Post  Sarah on Sun May 22, 2011 5:37 am

Hi Mike

Angie's reference to 4.45 and 5.00 were for the "pm" and not the "am" as we are travelling Thursday evening Exclamation

Just a quick addition to Angie's message I know I have left it quite late as I've been rather busy over the past few weeks but can you please let me have the rest of the money required for Ventoux. My current estimate is £170 per person (plus food). This takes into account vehicle hire, fuel, tolls, accommodation and Cingles entry. As you've all given me £50 I'll need £120 from everyone.

Those not doing Cingles (Graham, Paul and Tony) need only give me £104.

If you can please transfer it to my account if you have the bank details. If you don't have my bank details please let me have cash in either sterling or euros. (It would be helpful for you to let me know which one though).

If you can no longer make the trip please let me know as soon as possible. There are a couple of people who have had to pull out - please note that unless you can find alternative people to take your spot you will still need to pay the remainder for the trip as you secured your wish to go by letting me have £50 and you have left it too late to be able to change accommodation/vehicle requirements to take into account the smaller number of people going.

Therefore can ALL of you let me have the balance outstanding - if we can find stand in people I can then reimburse you.

As for food I think the intention was to cook two meals and go out and celebrate the other dinner! I'm going to put some "stuff" together to make the 2 self-catered dinners easier to do and will also sort breakfast bits. If anyone has any special requests let me know Laughing

Any other questions please let me/Angie know.


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Re: Mont Ventoux travel details

Post  Chris on Sun May 22, 2011 10:37 am

I have to say I am getting massively excited about this now!! I haven't climbed any 'hills' since Majorca!
My new cassette arrived this week, and the 27 sprocket looks like a dinner plate, however I'm thinking maybe this would have been even better!!


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are there still places left

Post  Phill C on Mon May 23, 2011 12:07 pm

Hello Angie, in response to your posting on the Fareham wheelers forum with regard to possible spare places on this trip. are there still any places left ? and what is the return itinerary, what day do you plan on coming home ?

if you want to contact me please reply via the Fareham forum or and I can drop you a mail with my phone number

Phill C

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Re: Mont Ventoux travel details

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