Driving in France

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Driving in France

Post  telfleet on Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:11 pm

Hi all,

I know Tony & Luke you are experienced drivers in France. But I thought I would check up on requirement before we set off.

Don't forget the following:

1. Must have your driving License on you - on the spot fine if not got it.
2. Car Registration Doc in the vehicle - on the spot fine if not got it.
3.Headlamp adaptors - if not fitted insurance is void
4. GB Sticker on the car to indicate land of registration
5. Warning Triangle
6. Fluorescent Safety vest in the vehicle not the boat
7. Spare Bulbs
8. Spare glasses if you have contact lenses
9. First Aid Kit
10. Fire Extinguisher - if you fail to render assistance in the event of a fire or take necessary precaution to prevent a fire from escalation it is an offence
11. Insurance Policies - Have correct insurance cover some policies don;t have the correct stamp on the back and in this case you will still need a green card issued before you leave.


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