Tour of the Milburys - posts & details

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Tour of the Milburys - posts & details

Post  Andy W on Wed May 09, 2012 1:04 pm

Times: I'll be there from 08.00, morning time trial starts at 10.00 so helpers there by 09.00 please.
Afternoon starts a 13.00 so could people be there by 12.00 latest please.
Venue Meon Hall, Pound Lane, Meonstoke SO32 3NP
Sarah offered to bring out sandwich materials but any cakes / other bites always go down well (and add to team coffers).

We might have a problem with Dave Edwards being able to do the race service so, as a backup plan, I'll put down Tony with Chris driving if that's OK; it's not ideal but... It will also leave us right on the brink with marshals so hopefully it won't come to it.
Otherwise, as follows:
Morning TT (unchanged from previous post)
Start timekeeper - me
Pushers off - Tel & Joe
Finish timekeeper - Des & Graham
Set up IT / record times as presented - Tim
Marshals from Pete, Chris, Angie, Luke, Claire, Tony & Sarah
A couple from above to check RR course for debris following bad weather

Afternoon RR
Lead car: Luke
Second Lead car: Tel
Race service: Dave Edwards (res Tony & Chris)
Assistant Finish Line judge: Des
First Aid: Tim, driven by Angie
Marshalls: (Those at Milburys to go back to finish to help with assistant judges)
Me, Mark H, Will, Sarah, Graham, Joe, Claire, Jane, Cathy, Helly & Oliver
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