A thank you from Seth

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A thank you from Seth

Post  luke-m on Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:20 am


Thank you to everyone who contributed to my lovely presents

The bedding matches my playmat, just need to get daddy to assemble my ... Shocked Laughing Mummy will put up the curtains. The musical mobile is brill, I'm really into music already and have a wide taste including nursury rhymns (mummy sings the proper words, daddy doesn't..) the radio 1 playlist and the Egg. Captain Calamari is my favourite changemat toy.

I spend quite alot of time , but not very much at night so mummy & daddy are a bit tired all the time ... <<< that's them

But I am getting better at night and I hope to see you all soon once I'm a bit bigger and had my 8-week injections

Lots of love Seth


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