Milburys roles and responsibilities

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Milburys roles and responsibilities

Post  Andy W on Sat May 18, 2013 2:00 pm

Also mentioned down the pub there will need to be a new organiser for the Milburys next year, or preferably a team to split the duties.

What's required?

Book the hall, pay initial deposit, balance and damage deposit
Instigate the BC paperwork: event notification, application for permit and risk assessment
Pay event fees
Contact NEG for riders
Update risk assessment (early on then again a couple months before)
Confirm equipment held
Collate drivers' details for race insurance
Check course a few days before and again the day before/on the day
Get sufficient helpers
Allocate lead drivers, first aid & driver, race service drivers
Allocate time-keepers, assistant judges
Determine marshal positions taking into account busy roads, experience, etc.
Approach people from outside the team when there aren't enough within the team
Commissaires and chief judge are allocated by BC
Pay officials and helpers
Sort out prize money
Compile programme
Sort out riders
Sort out reserves / which riders are happy to be reserves
Contact reserves when main riders withdraw
Put out (and retrieve afterwards) public notices
Produce paperwork for the day: sign on sheets (riders and helpers), levy forms, etc
Respond to e-mail/telephone queries (pretty much daily for 2-3 weeks before the event)
Enter postal entries into the BC online system (if applicable)
Chase up bounced cheques / rejected payments (there seems to be at least a couple each year)
Respond to post-race queries and complaints
Send out remaining prizes
Pay BC levies
Benefits of the BC online system are the money goes straight to your bank, saving banking loads of cheques, you can download all details and send out the programme saving typing all the entries and lots of envelope stuffing.

On the non-Milburys front someone else will need to take up timekeeping duties; there are usually plenty of other people at the start so hopefully that shouldn't pose a problem.
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