Fantasy Tour de France league

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Fantasy Tour de France league

Post  Andy W on Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:30 am

Fantasy Tour de France league

A couple years ago I did a fantasy Tour de France league for charity and this year, with the 100th running of the great spectacle just days away, seems an opportunity to revisit it.

You need to create a team on the link below with a budget of € 65M and that can be tweaked through the competition; it is the same as the Halfords one last time for those that did it but run by a different company.

This is all free to join and set up.

Once the team has been created you can then join my league (private competition) with the credentials below, I ask that you pay me £3 to go to charity – in this case to a friend doing a Vietnam trek for which all proceeds go to the Rowan’s Hospice at Purbrook.

At the end of the Tour I will award the winner a bottle of wine (French, of course!) / bottles of beer / similar depending on preference; I will provide this myself, not out of the contributions.

Your league name is: Rowans Hospice charity league
Your password is: VietnamTrek

Latest team and rider lists:
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