Sundays HHH target times

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Sundays HHH target times

Post  Tony on Sat May 08, 2010 10:10 am

The Hampshire Hilly Hundred 2009: STANDARDS

Please remember, sportives are not races, and these standards are just for a bit of added interest. There are no prizes, medals, or certificates, as HHH-ers are just too cool for any of that.

The Super-Max standards are the same as for HHH2008, which seemed to be about right. They had been relaxed by 5% from those for HHH2007. This year's course has been slightly altered - but in terms of difficulty, we think it is about equal to previous versions.

This is the first year that we have produced standards for the Midi course. We have multiplied times by 77/100, which you might think is too generous, as the "Midis" don't have to get up to Hannington or over Watership Down, and it's a shorter distance anyway, but, hey, we'll see how it goes.

SuperMax Course (100miler)

Age up to 39 years: Gold under 5h36m / Silver under 6h43m
40-49 years: Gold under 6h00m / Silver under 7h06m
50-59 years: Gold under 6h21m / Silver under 7h28m
60+ years: Gold under 6h43m / Silver under 7h50m
Finishers: Bronze
Females: As for the next older male category

Midi course (77miler)

Age up to 39 years: Gold under 4h18m / Silver under 5h10m
40-49 years: Gold under 4h37m / Silver under 5h28m
50-59 years: Gold under 4h53m / Silver under 5h44m
60+ years: Gold under 5h10m / Silver under 6h01m
Finishers: Bronze
Females: As for the next older male category

Good luck to all.

can we all meet up before the start in front of the college for photo's.


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