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Post  Helly on Thu Mar 25, 2010 11:26 am

Hi All,
1 I have had confirmation from Stubb cycle group that 5/6 will now be in attendance on Monday's cycle maintenance night with their bikes. (Just proving something good can come from having a p**cture!) Our friend Jenny from LeJog is also coming. Do we need to consider taking more stands after all?
2 Dad and I have seen Graham at Hargroves who will be happy to donate a decent Atmos helmet (worth @ £100) for raffling/auction for the 24hr and will also provide inner tubes/tyres as we require for the ride itself. He has asked us to provide a list of our requirements (raffle and ride) and he will see what he can do - let's discuss Monday night. Obviously we will need to let him know how we will help promote Hargroves in return. I have already mentioned that I will be contacting local radio stations.
3 I have been into Crazy Craft in Fareham and am having a T-shirt with Axiom logo printed across the back and on left shoulder. I have negotiated a special rate of £6 (or presumably less for one logo) in case anyone else is interested in having one done. He has promised me the T-shirt will be finished by Monday night so you can all see the finished sample. You provide your own T-shirt.
4 I heard Saturday's ride might be coming out on the coastal route. If you fancy going all the way (!) and popping in for a slice of cake and cuppa let me know and I will get ready for you! It would break up the trip and then you could head back down the A32 into Fareham. Flat as a pancake (?).
5 I will also be making a cake to take with me Monday for light refreshments.
6 I will contact the local radio stations (but not Heart or Galaxy as they won't be interested) re the 24hr. I will draw up a sponsorship letter and run it by you. This can also go out to local shops etc if you want to drum up more publicity/raffle prizes.
7 I have emailed LOST club re using the function room for our proposed quiz night and await their response.
That's all folks!
We can discuss in more detail on Monday but I had to get it all down before I forgot it!
Shocked Laughing
PS; replaced my own tyres and inner tubes all by myself. No ladybird books on me now! Cool

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