Monday Night Pub/Maintenance Evening 29th March

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Monday Night Pub/Maintenance Evening 29th March

Post  Sarah on Sun Mar 28, 2010 2:44 pm

Hi Guys

Just to confirm that we've had to move the maintenance evening from Cyclepaths in Fareham to our house as they closed the Fareham bike shop on Saturday.

As before it will start at 7pm. Tea coffee and cake will be available. I've also bought some beer, cider and wine and the profit from that will also go to Action Medical Research.

Obviously we don't quite know what time it will finish but if not too late we'll pop over to the Castle in the Air.

For those wanting to go to the "pub" part of the evening rather than the maintenance part please pop over to ours first anyway and we'll go from there.

See you all tomorrow

Take care

Sx & Tx

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