Majorca Update/Info Required

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Majorca Update/Info Required

Post  Sarah on Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:25 am

Hi Guys

I thought it was about time I gave you an update for Majorca now that the final details have been sorted. Bit of a long one but hopefully covers everything you'll want to know at the moment.

There's 13 1/2 of us going this year!

11 are travelling up to Gatwick airport together. Collin is going out Friday to Friday instead of Saturday to Saturday and will join us Sunday evening after doing both Majorcan sportives. Paul Warburton will meet us at Gatwick airport. Mareen is hoping to join us for the weekend and travel back home on Monday, if all goes to plan. She won't know until the last minute whether she can do this.


There is a hilly sportive on the Saturday and a flat sportive on the Sunday. Whilst we can't do the sportive on the Saturday because whilst our flight is early, we won't get there in time.

Sunday’s 95kms route takes the route along the coast before turning inland and onto the day’s timed climb. A regrouping will see the peloton head towards the feed at the Sineu track where everybody can have a few laps of the outdoor track before lunch. The route then follows an undulating 45kms back to the Duva for a short rest and freshen up before the event presentations and evening party entertainment.

The event is run under Spanish sportive rules and controlled by the Police offering a full rolling road closure, backed up by the local equivalent of the National Escort Group (NEG), with full medical and mechanical support at all times. The event offers broom wagons for those who might need them, plus a signed route and full feed stops over both days.

The Duva International has a full photographic service recording you and your team’s efforts and all riders will receive a generous goody bag.

Entries are unlimited so everyone gets a ride, but this is not just a club run and riders should be prepared to ride at high teen’s average speeds during the controlled sections.

Registration & Start times:

Events Start at 09:30

Start Location: Aparthotel Duva, Carretera de Port Pollença a Alcúdia

Registration opens at 08:00 in the conference rooms adjacent to the start

Entry on the day: 30€ (no extra charge)

You do not have to enter the sportive if you don't want to but I think it could be an excellent days ride especially on the basis that it's rare to get the opportunity to ride a sportive in another country.


I have used the paperwork I had last year for you in respect of passports. However I can't find details for Tel and Andy. I also need a copy of passports for Nancie, Yvonne and Paul. Can you let me have a copy of your up to date passport either by email or give me a copy at the pub. I NEED TO ENTER DETAILS OF YOUR PASSPORTS TO EASEYJET BEFORE WE FLY.

If anyone else has changed their passports since last year (which I doubt as they don't expire yet) then please also let me have your new passport details.


We're flying with Easyjet this year. In relation to baggage allowance(s) this is from Easyjet's small print:

Each passenger is allowed a maximum hold baggage weight of 50 Kgs including any sports equipment, subject to available space. The maximum weight for any single piece of baggage is 32 kgs.

Payment of the additional fee to carry your bike increases your checked-in hold baggage allowance (including bike) to a maximum weight of 32kgs.

Where your total checked-in hold baggage weighs more than 32Kgs, normal excess baggage charges of £10 per Kg shall apply in addition to the fee paid to take your bike.

When Tony and I flew with Easyjet last November the above small print was not enforced and we were able to take the hold baggage at 20Kgs and the 2 bike boxes at whatever they weighed in at. That's not to say it won't be enforced next month but it may be worth having space in your hand luggage to transfer clothes across if we do face any problems.

You can also take 1 hand luggage onto the plane with you. The dimensions of your bag must be no bigger than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm(including wheels and pockets) and it must fit without force into the gauges provided at check-in or departure gates. No weight restriction applies within reasonable limits — i.e. a passenger must be able to place the piece of luggage safely in the overhead storage bins without assistance.

Flight from Gatwick to Palma is at 5:40am. Check in is 2 hours before.
We return to Gatwick at 5.30pm so should be home at 7.30pm Chichester, 8pm Fareham (approx).


Pick up times are TBC. Could you please let me know whether you would prefer to be picked up from Fareham or Chichester (Tim's).

For those of you at the Fareham pick up point you're all welcome to come around Friday evening and if anyone wishes to get 40winks we have beds and sofas available.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR BIKES SOONER RATHER THAN LATER - a number of you have previously had problems getting your seat post out - if your seat post doesn't come out it will need to be man-handled out which normally means you'll need a new seat post so you'll need sufficient time to get a replacement. Similarly with pedals that haven't been taken off the bike recently.


Nancie is borrowing Tony's spare bag. Other riders in the club have bags that aren't going to Majorca. So if you need a bag please let me know asap and we can arrange that.

I think everyone except me, Tony and Tel will be taking bike bags. If anyone else is taking a bike box please let me know for taxi purposes.


As usual Tony will get together to take some tools to take. We don't need to double up and take extra weight we don't need so unless you have any particular special tools, only take what you'll need in your saddle bag.

We only really need to take 1 track pump and we're happy to take ours this year although it might need to go in someone else's luggage if we're taking the tools.


I think I'm now able to finalise costs and people will have a £10-£40 refund depending on how much I've had and the cost of flights. Please let me know if you want it back in sterling or whether you want me to change it up into euros for Majorca.



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Re: Majorca Update/Info Required

Post  telfleet on Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:39 am

Hi Sarah,

I booked the afternoon off to read you message! lol

Thanks for all the details.
I have sent you an email with the info from me.


Tel bounce cheers drunken

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Re: Majorca Update/Info Required

Post  Angie on Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:44 pm


I would like to be picked up from yours please and I too have a bike box, probably a bit bigger than yours and Tony's.

You might as well keep any money owed to me and use it for Ventoux II, (see Ventoux post for my confirmation).

Big, huge thanks for all your hard work as ever, MHAW!

Think that was all.

A x

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Post  Helly on Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:09 am

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for all the info.
Please can I have my money if any in sterling.
Also, for anyone considering the sportive please check your insurance policies.
I had to upgrade mine for competing abroad from the standard cycling/touring abroad.

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Re: Majorca Update/Info Required

Post  Chris on Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:04 am

If I'm due any money could it have it in euros.

Many thanks


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Re: Majorca Update/Info Required

Post  Angie on Tue Apr 10, 2012 8:28 am

Just to let you all know that my insurance company are quite happy for me to take part in the sportive with no upgrade / cost. I just needed to let them know and they have put me in a special master file Shocked

A x

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Re: Majorca Update/Info Required

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